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Yellow Green Farmers Market  Sat-Sun, 10am—4pm


1940 N 30th Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021 Booth #063

1940 N 30th Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021 Booth #063

Yellow Green Farmers Market  Sat-Sun, 10am—4pm

Cacao liquor — Unsweetened


Cacao liquor  — Unsweetened
This is the real deal.
Cacao paste is pure cacao nibs (beans) grounded until it
transforms into a paste. By concept it's unsweetened.

Low bitterness and naturally sweet. Full-body Carenero
Superior cacao flavors with dry fruits and nuttiness aromas.

It can be added as a powder or melted and use it as chocolate.

  • Powder:
    It's perfect for cooked preparations. Add it as a powder
    to the mix and while it's cooking.  All the flavors will develop
    inside your product, along with a pleasant moist by the
    cacao butter.
  • Melted:
    It's liquid crunchy chocolate. It has a unique texture by
    the little nibs (beans) present in the melted paste. Use it
    as chocolate for covertures, emulsions, brownies, sauces,
    and also for tempering.

52% min cacao powder
48% min cacao butter
  0% sugar

Venezuela - Carenero Superior beans.


Vegan l  Paleo l Keto  l Gluten-free


x No  emulsifiers 
x No soy lechitin 
x No artificial or natural flavors
x No sugar alcohols 
x No palm oil 
x No vanilla extract

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