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The GoDark Chocolate Story

It all started in a sugary mountain

Illustration of a pregnant woman at the top of a sugar mountain
It all started in a sugary mountain.
12 years ago, Mary was studying pastries and chocolate confections and for years she crafted delicious mousses, macarons, napoleons, eclairs, and Rochers… oohhh the Rochers… with all kinds of delicious ingredients like creams, puffed pastries, ganaches, and chocolate in all the deliciously sweet grandiousness.

Hands with chocolate bonbons
Chocolate from the magical 🧝🏾‍♀️ elves of Galipan.
Chocolate has always been a big part in Mary’s life as she started doing chocolate confections at her family’s shop @chocopicacho in the beautiful mountains of Caracas (Venezuela) helping her mom open the gates to magical elves who love creating and sharing the best cacao in the world to curious visitors with all sorts of surprises like the golden chocolate covered rocks and heart-shaped passion-fruit filled bonbons. 📷 by: @chocopicacho

Illustration of two kids in front of dark chocolate rochers
Chocolate is a salad 🥗.
Almost 3 years ago while working on creating Rochers (ooohhh… the Rochers) her children came to the kitchen site to see Mami work. They ate some chocolates but were careful not to eat too much. Mary: “Just 2, OK?” — Kids: “OK. Just 2”. But, why? Why, if chocolate is a plant and very rich in nutrients, are we not giving them more? The short answer: Refined sugars.

Then, it all started to make sense. Mary loves chocolate, knows chocolate, craves chocolate, and loves chocolate (yeah, that much!) and she knew it has a lot of benefits and the only reason not to give it to her children was all the additives like lecithin, refined sugar, and preservatives to ensure chocolate-based products last longer on a shelf.

Our first batch. After many, many, many first batches 😝
Well, she needed to do better for her children (GO MARY GO! 💪), so she looked on everywhere: big stores, small stores, naturistic, ethnic, online and offline for a chocolate that kept the chocolate basics — cacao butter and cacao liquor — and no preservatives or added stuff with no luck.
After months of research of finding the most nutritious sweeteners, blending and mixing, and testing, the first batch of naturally sweetened dark chocolate was born. And it really rocked!

GoDark Dark Chocolate mix illustration with raw honey, cacao and water
GoDark — a new way of chocolate-ing.
It looked great, tasted even better and most importantly it kept the best of the cacao, enhancing it with nutritious sweeteners like raw unfiltered honey 🍯 and unrefined coconut sugar 🥥.

She called this new way of chocolate-ing with the purest dark chocolate “GoDark” to remember to get the most of these marvelous seeds — or are they nuts? — from the purest form.
Sharing the chocolate-love with the world 🍫❤️ 
So, Mary’s daughter loves cashews and her son, the Rochers (YES! 🙌) and now she couldn’t go back to using the sugar-refined-chocolate to create any of those so she used the “GoDark” formula to create a chocolate bark, then a chocolate salami, then… well, you get the point, so now she finally was able to slide down from the sugary mountain and produce delicious chocolates with all the benefits, for her kids, and for the world.