How it started

My passion for cacao and chocolate comes from my mom. She owns a chocolate shop in the middle of a national forest park in El Avila, Venezuela, at 6,000 feet above sea level. My brothers and I grew up being barefoot in nature and having the most delicious macrobiotic food from our family friends.

(To sum it up: click here @godarkchocolate)

Before going to college, I wanted to prove myself in the restaurant business. My first boss was my beautiful friend and super talented chef, Carlos Garcia. As you may know, the restaurant environment is like a harmonious dance of chaos; I quickly fell in love with it and stayed there. 

I studied Culinary Arts in Caracas and then did a Master of Pastry in Lima, Peru all the while backpacking (weekends and holidays) in and around Peru, cooking in every little local restaurant on the way. I met gorgeous people, ingredients, and ancestral cooking techniques 🌎☘️

After having a bakery and my two kids in the US, my body started to react to refined ingredients and chocolate was calling me back. I started looking for wholesale natural premium chocolate to make honest bonbons and truffles. That was the plan! But the cacao quality used in natural chocolates in the market… somehow was substituted and compromised for many certifications  🧐

I contacted cacao farmer friends and I began creating and designing one for myself; that was the purpose, to make all natural chocolate with the best cacao to make my chocolate products. After selling in farmers markets to test the idea, quickly pastry chefs and bakers started me to ask “where can I buy that chocolate to make my products?” 👨‍🍳🍰

This is how “GoDark Chocolate” was born. I already had created a line of premium vegan chocolates with all the technical information “geek-chefs” would benefit from to formulate new recipes. I just needed to share it with my friends chefs! 💡🍫📦

GoDark Chocolate is made for chefs with premium stone-ground cacao (all vegan: dark, mylk, and white) with cane sugar, coconut sugar, or sugar-free. 💚🥳 I love it! It’s so fun! Let’s all make delicious chocolate products 😋

We work side by side with our clients and when they need help, we do private chocolate consulting so they can get the best product out of their recipes. We all work together and grow together. I’m in love with this community that keeps growing and evolving to new markets.  

Grateful for where GoDark Chocolate is now, super excited about where it’s going!