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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Cacao Liquor for Ice cream 🍦


Cacao Liquor  — Unsweetened

What's it?? Is It chocolate or cocoa powder? (see the first picture)

Ok, let's talk about it because is an amazing cacao product that adds moist and sweet cacao aromas to your baked goods (yep, pure deliciousness) 

Cacao liquor (cacao mass) is pure cacao nibs (beans) grounded only halfway until it transforms into a rustic paste. By concept it's unsweetened.

Low bitterness and naturally sweet. Full-body Carenero
Superior cacao flavors with dry fruits and nutty aromas.

It can be added as a powder or melted and used as chocolate.

  • Powder:
    It's perfect for baked goods. Add it as a powder
    to the mix.  While baking, all the flavors will develop
    inside your product, along with the pleasant moisture of the
    cacao butter from the cacao bean itself.
  • Melted:
    It's liquid crunchy chocolate. It has a unique texture by
    the little nibs (beans) present in the melted paste. Use it
    as chocolate for covertures, emulsions, brownies, sauces,
    and tempering.

52% min cacao powder
48% min cacao butter
  0% sugar

Venezuela - Carenero Superior beans.


Vegan l  Paleo l Keto  l Gluten-free


x No  emulsifiers 
x No soy lechitin 
x No artificial or natural flavors
x No sugar alcohols 
x No palm oil 
x No vanilla extract


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