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GoDark Chocolate

100% Dark Chocolate Chunks — Unsweetened

100% Dark Chocolate Chunks — Unsweetened

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If you need total control over your ingredients, this is it!
Just one ingredient: Softly stone-ground 100% Carenero Superior cacao nibs.
Silky texture, full-body flavors, and all the tropical aromas ready for you to blend.

Low bitterness, full dry fruits, and nuts flavor, with a soft acidity note. 

Ice creams and frozen desserts, bold truffles, balance sweet bites,
sauces, sweet bread formulas, raw, citrus, and spicy flavors. 

100% cacao nibs
  0% sugar

Venezuela - Carenero Superior beans. 

Vegan l  Paleo l Keto  l Gluten-free 



x No  emulsifiers 
x No soy lechitin 
x No artificial or natural flavors
x No sugar alcohols 
x No palm oil 
x No vanilla extract


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Sugar free Vegan Mylk Chocolate



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Stone grounded with pure Stevia extract and erythritol.
For monkfruit options, please contact us.

Plant-based and Dairy free

Our production place is free of dairy using only organic certifyed Coconut, Almond, and gluten free Oats.

Ideal for

Tempering, dipping, baking, frozen deserts, and ice cream.  

Kosher Pareve style

All of our ingredients are Kosher Pareve certified. We are on our way to getting certified as well.